12 Days of Blogmas!

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Hey everyone! Can anyone believe that December is already halfway over?? And it’s almost Christmas! The Christmas season is always one of my favorites so I couldn’t help but celebrate it with some daily blog posts. I used to do daily posts during the Summer (even two posts a day sometimes!), but I had to end that when school started because… school. But, I’m already a good halfway through the school year and have found myself getting pretty good marks with very little studying. So, I thought I’d try Blogmas this year!

Starting on December 12, I will be doing Daily posts. Some will be Christmas themed and others will just be my regular posts (Teaser Tuesday, Reviews, Feature Fridays, etc..). I really hope that you will all enjoy these posts because I cannot wait to post them!

Hopefully you all have a wonderful weekend and stay warm! p.s. it’s really cold where I live.

Happy Reading



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