Some Ways To Get Rid Of A Book Slump!

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Hey Book Nerds! I feel like all of us have struggled with a book slump in our lives. Obviously I have, and I usually get one every few months. They tend to hit me after I read a 2 star book. And, I can totally agree with urban dictionary’s definition of a “reading slump.” Are you ready for it….. A READER’S WORST NIGHTMARE. Literally, if there is anything that haunts us, it is book slumps. Those stupid, evil slumps are haunting the pages of every book we read. You never know when they are going to come along, but they happen. And with every book slump I have dealt with, I have come up with a few tricks and tips to get through them! So, today I am going to talk about all of the tricks I have come up with since I started reading! Let’s get straight into this!

    Everyone has a book that they love to pieces. Or maybe you have a few that you love. But this is my go-to way to get rid of slumps! It has worked every single time I have fallen into a slump. I feel like reading something that you are both familiar with and that you know that you will enjoy is the best cure for a slump. Some of my go to books for this tip are the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout and the Sweet trilogy by Wendy Higgins. You can’t go wrong with reading about some hotties!
    Sometimes we book nerds spend a little too much time with our books. Yes, we are obsessed with them. No, we are not ashamed of it. But sometimes, we spend a little too much time with our books. Have you ever spent a whole Saturday just being super antisocial reading a huge fantasy novel? Umm, well that is every Saturday for me. But, when you fall into a book slump and it’s a Saturday, most of us just end up trying to pick up new books, and fail miserably. Haha, yes we all have done it. But, I highly suggest that you all take a break from your books for a while and do something else. Go get some ice cream. Check out a new movie with some friends. Or maybe, you have a local coffee shop you have been dying to try. DO IT! Take a day, maybe two away from your books and you might be ready to read again after!
    Okay, everyone has a huge list of books that they are dying to buy. Okay, maybe only Book Nerds, but you know what I meant! So, if you absolutely cannot be away from books during your slump, I suggest going to visit your local bookstore and purchasing something new. This is an even higher plus if your local bookstore is a used one and they have cheaper prices. But, I feel like some of us need to just spend some time in a bookstore, running our fingers along the spines of the books. Maybe you won’t actually buy anything (money restrictions), but I believe that being around books and realizing how many you actually want to read can motivate you to read again. But you know, splurging and buying a book is never a bad idea.

THAT’S IT FOR TODAY! I hope this advice becomes useful for future slumps. If you like these types of posts, definitely give this post a like! If you have any other tips, be sure to comment them below! Don’t forget to follow for updates on when I post!

Happy Reading!


Picking a Bookish Playlist + Some of My Favorites

“The earth has music for those who listen.”

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I know most people don’t like listening to music when they read because it can ruin the book entirely but, I feel like music can make or brake a book altogether. It can take a book to a whole new level, or it can drown it out.

If you have been a person who has been scared to read books while listening to music, don’t fret. It’s all about picking music that fits the book. Whether lyrical or instrumental, the songs you pick must be powerful for a fantasy book or loose and cute for a contemporary. I’m not really a person to listen to a music when I read but sometimes I like to have something playing in the background! Below is a list of some of my recommendations to help you pick a perfect mixtape of songs for the books you like to read.

Set The Mood

Use music as your advantage to set the mood and bring a book to better heights. The best way to do this is start by figuring out what genre your current read is. Once that’s decided, all that is left is to find some music that will go good with the genre. Science-fiction and fantasy novels will be in need of something powerful to emphasize every intense battle scene. But on the other hand, a contemporary, depending on what mood the book gives you, will either be in need of cheerful music or something sad and slow.

Start Picking Some Songs

The number one rule to keep in mind when picking songs is to never pick pop music or hip-hop. Certain types of rock and alternative are okay but, indie and instrumental are your best choices. Both genres come with so many different types of songs.

If you choose to listen to indie because you prefer to listen to lyrical music, choose songs that you’ve never heard of or ones that you don’t know the words to. Indie music is better to listen to when reading a contemporary since sometimes, contemporaries need a little more to the background music to make it feel like you are in the book. If you are currently reading a contemporary, definitely try to figure out if it’s a sad or happy book. Not the hardest thing to figure out. If it has a deeper feel to it (books that focus on mental issues and death), try to go for some music that has a sense of melancholy or some peaceful piano. On the other hand, if the book is more on the happy side (love stories, friendship), choose content music that will bring a huge smile n to your face throughout your novel.

If you are reading a fantasy/science-fiction novel, I greatly suggest you try instrumental. Even if you highly dislike listening to it, just give it a go. There are so many powerful compositions out there that there is an endless possibility of music to listen to. I’m betting most of you are probably “beginner” instrumental music listeners, so my biggest tip to you is to listen to movie soundtracks. Yes, you guessed it, movie soundtracks. Most authors actually listen to movie soundtracks while writing our favorite novels. Basically, the easiest way to pick a movie soundtrack to listen to, think of your favorite movie. Once you’ve thought of one, search it up to find a soundtrack for it and ba-bam, you have a whole playlist of new songs. Some of my favorite soundtracks include Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones and If I Stay!

Listen and Read On

Once you’ve picked your songs, all you have to do is set your music to a low volume and continue reading your book. Usually if you picked the right songs, you will feel yourself read the book faster than before. But maybe the songs you picked don’t fit the book correctly. What do you do? Well… either don’t listen to music or pick and choose different music!

Hopefully all three of those tips will help all of you create beautiful and mesmerizing playlists!

Sample Bookish Mixtape

Below are some songs that I love to  listen to while reading. This playlist is set up to fit any genre so feel free to use it for yourself!

  1. Clary’s Theme by Atli Orvarsson
  2. Promise by Ben Howard
  3. Suite No. 1 in G Major for Solo Cello, BMV 1007
  4. Halo by Ane Brun, Linnea Olsson
  5. Blood Bnak by Bon Iver
  6. Roslyn by Bon Iver and St. Vincent
  7. The Nutcracker Suite, Op 71a, TH 35
  8. Swan Lake, Op 20, TH 12
  9. Prelude in D Minor, Op 28 No 24
  10. Nocturne in D flat Major Op 27, No. 2
  11. Hedwig’s Theme by John Williams
  12. Four Seasons op.8 Winter: Allegro non molto
  13. Evergreen by Broods
  14. Half The World Away by Aurora

A mix of songs perfect for contemporaries and fantasies. Feel free to use some or all of the songs to start a bookish playlist for your current reads!

Great Artists To Listen To

I’ve already said before that indie music is the way to go, unless the book gives perfect mixtapes for the book (Since You’ve Been Gone). One of my favorite artists to listen to while reading is Bon Iver. Most of his songs are soft and serene with the slightest feel of melancholy. His music is listened to by millions of people around the world and can be related to Band of Horses’ and is one of the most well known indie music. Ben Howard is another one of my favorites. His music is very much like Bon Iver’s but it has more of a content tone. Broods is a very unknown indie band that creates some of indie’s best music. Their music is quite a bit more upbeat from both Bon Iver’s and Ben Howards, but it still has that soft indie feel to it. (at least some of their songs)

Amazing Composers To Listen To

Compositions from well known soundtracks are my favorite way to listen to music while reading. One of the best modern day composers I’ve ever listened to is Atli Orvarsson. He composed music for one of YA’s least favorite bookish adaptations, The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones. In my opinion the movie was amazing! But aside from the controversy over the movie, the soundtrack is exquisitely composed. It is filled with powerful octaves and is very beautiful to listen to. If you are more on the old school side, definitely listen to older instrumental music. Great composers lived a long time ago such as Chopin, Tchaichovsky and Bach. Most of their music is cello and piano but it is definitely a wonderful thing to listen to when reading.

I hope this “mini” guide helped you with finding new music to listen to! It was so much fun to make and I hope to do updated ones in the future!

Happy Reading!