Recent Book Purchases

Hi everyone! I wanted to share some recent books I gifted myself for Christmas. Although my winter break is over and I won’t be able to devour these books ASAP, I am still super excited to read these books!

  • The Burning Shadow and The Brightest Night by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Within 10 minutes of finishing The Darkest Star these 2 books were in my online shopping car awaiting payment. I devoured the first book in JLA’s Origin series within a day and could not wait to continue the series! For those who do not know, JLA’s Origin series is a spin-off of her original Lux series. It takes place in the same fictional world, but follows Luc (introduced in either Opal or Origin, I believe) and Evie. It was super interesting to learn about the Origin species and also re-meet some of my favorite characters from the Lux series (ah, Daemon). I honestly have no idea where JLA plans to take this series, but if its anything like the Lux series, I wont know until I’m sitting on the edge of my seat halfway through the novel.

Just a little FYI, JLA’s Origin series can be read without having read her Lux series beforehand. However, you will be spoiled for the Lux series. So if you ever plan to read the Lux series (which I highly HIGHLY recommend), try to read this series afterwards.

Read more about The Darkest Star (Book 1 in the Origin Series)

  • The Deal by Elle Kennedy

So fun fact about me, a fiction novel must have romance in it for me to thoroughly enjoy. Whoops, I said it. Ever since I started reading Wattpad novels back in high school (e.g. After by Anna Todd), I have always loved reading a good romance novel. As a university student now, I have a feeling that these types of novels will resonate more with me. Elle Kennedy’s The Deal is a typical college romance where a smart girl falls in love with a sporty jock. No romance is intended to happen, but we all know how that usually goes. Overall, I am really excited to dive into this novel!

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  • Wait For You by J. Lynn

As a JLA super-fan, I somehow have never read one of her J. Lynn novels. I was a little too young in the past to pick up one of her steamy adult romances. Wait for You is another “college girl falls for the bad boy” novel, and boy oh boy am I ready for this. If JLA can write swoon-worthy characters like Daemon Black, I bet she can write a super hot college student. Nonetheless, I am super excited to see where JLA takes this novel!

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  • Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

I’m pretty sure this is one of Colleen Hoover’s most famous novels. After devouring Ugly Love and It Ends With Us, I could not wait to get my hands on another one of Hoover’s works. Hoover somehow manages to intertwine romance into novels containing difficult subjects, formulating a wild roller coaster of a novel. Although I don’t believe this will contain any triggering subjects (at least from the synopsis), I don’t think Hoover is capable of writing a novel that is not on the same level as It Ends With Us. And c’mon, this novel contains a musical male interest. How could that not sound interesting?!

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  • Regretting You by Colleen Hoover

This was also purchased during my “I-just-finished-It-Ends-With-Us-and-need-more-Colleen-Hoover” moment. I mean, how could you not have one of those moments? I hadn’t actually heard of this book prior to adding it to my shopping cart but (A) it’s Colleen Hoover and (B) it’s got a madly intense synopsis. This is another Hoover novels that deals with family issues, but by the sounds of it, this one may actually lead to a completely broken apart family. Although not as famous as the other 2 Hoover novels I have read, this one sounds equally as deep and intriguing.

Read more about Regretting You

So there we have it! Those were the novels that I have gifted myself for Christmas and plan to read during the next few months. Have you read any of these? If so, let me know in the comments section!

Happy Reading!

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