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Hey everyone, and welcome back to my blog. It isn’t often that I get tagged for a book tag, but that changed recently. Anny over at The Mystique Reader tagged me to do the “Top Ten Book Covers Tag.” It isn’t often that I talk about book covers, let alone my favorites, on my blog so I am super exited to be doing just that today! I am super guilty of judging books by their covers (WHOOPS) so it was really hard to narrow this list down. But, below are my top 10 book covers:

I don’t really look for anything special in book covers. Some just end up catching my eyes. There’s a constant theme in the covers above of bright, splashes of colour, statement figures, or eye-catching blends of colours. But other than that, these are generically just average books you would find at a bookstore.


Who Gave The Write | Book Snacks | Drizzle and Hurricane Books | Blame Chocolate

And that is it for today’s post! Quick and simple for a Friday post. Let me know in the comment section what some of your favorite covers are! Also, be sure to like this post and follow my blog to stay up to date with all of my future posts!

Happy Reading,

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Book Covers Tag

  1. Oh these covers are stunning, I love your choices 🙂 I love The Problem with Forever and These Broken Stars the most… but I haven’t read any of these books haha 🙂
    Great post! thank you so much for the tag 🙂


  2. These are such amazing choices!! 😀 I’m super guilty of judging books by their covers as well haha. The Problem with Forever is SO gorgeous!! It was such a great book as well. The Thousandth Floor is so pretty too. Thank you so much for the tag! ❤


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