One Lovely Blog Award!


Hey everyone! I was recently nominated by Just Being Nessa to do the “One Lovely Blog” Award. Her blog is super cute and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.

Now, this award is definitely fact based, rather than question based, so I am going to try my best to involve books into the facts. I mean, this is a book blog. And even, for the past few fact-based awards, I’ve answered them with things about myself. So, get ready to learn more about my bookish life.


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers and inform them.

Now, let’s get straight into the bookish facts!

  1. I prefer not to read if I’m not reading a good book.Β It just happens, and I am not proud of it at all. This is why it takes me multiple weeks to finish some books. I take every opportunity that I have to read, doing other things.
  2. I USED to dog ear pages. I don’t do it anymore, but I used to have a super bad habit of forgetting to use bookmarks. I bet if someone went through the books that I read between May and July 2017, they would find lots of folded corners.
  3. I usually buy paperback books. Mostly for the reason that I prefer them over hardback. They just “feel” better in my opinion. They are also cheaper which is an A+ in my opinion!
  4. I absolutely HATE when books don’t have romance in them. I need just a little bit to be satisfied. A little attraction between characters. A little kiss, maybe. Just a little something.
  5. A hot boy on a cover will make me want to read it. Some examples include Obsidian and Sweet Evil. I absolutely LOVE when there is a hot male lead in a book, so putting him smack dab on the front cover will make me want to read it!
  6. I start more series than I finish. Okay, if you aren’t guilty of this, you are a crazy reader. I just can’t keep up with all of the series I start. I get 1 or 2 books into it, and then I take about a year long break from the series.
  7. My favorite genre is paranormal romance. I know, most of the books that fall into this genre are extremely cliche. But, I love everything paranormal, and I love everything romance, so it’s a match made in heaven.

Now, onto my nominees…

The Cursed Books | Blame Chocolate | Paradis Books | Darque Dreamer Reads | Rambles of a Reader | Abbie’s Bookshelves | Ryann The Reader | Literary Tea With ER | Read at Midnight

And that is it for today! I hope you enjoyed the award and I hope that all of the nominees enjoy doing it. Be sure to like, comment and follow to stay up to date with all of my future posts!

Happy Reading,

15 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award!

    1. Your welcome! I feel like there are two types of people in our world, those who finish series, and those who start more than they are able to finish.

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