(A Little Late) Top 5 Wednesday: Books Featuring Witches


Hey everyone, and welcome back for another Top 5 Wednesday! It’s finally October, and that means that the group is bringing out all of their creepy topics to celebrate. For this week, we’re talking about witches. I’ve never been a fan of witches, but I do end up picking up a book about witches every so often. They are really a hit or miss for me. So for today, I am going to be sharing my top 5 FAVORITE witch novels with all of you!

  1. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas
    Definitely one of my favorite Throne of Glass novels that features witches.  Although my favorite in the series is Heir of Fire, I found that I really started loving Manon and the Blackbeak Clan in Queen of Shadows. I thought of her as “just another character” at first, but I started to look forward to reading about Manon and Abraxos by Queen of Shadows. There was so much happening in her storyline that it was nice to take a break from Aelin and Rowan everyonce in a while.
  2. Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows by Michelle Madow
    This is more of an unknown series, and I haven’t read it in a long time so I wouldn’t be able to give a good synopsis, but this is one of my absolute FAVORITE witch novels. It’s so good and modern. I was a little scared to read this book at first, since I didn’t know how Michelle Madow’s writing style would work as a non-contemporary author, but I ended up really enjoying it
  3. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
    Enough said? I think so.

Now you may be wondering, why is this post both late and not complete. Well, I ended up running out of free time on Wednesday and I really do not read any witch books. So, I hope you all enjoyed this post anyways. Be sure to comment down below some of your favorite witch-related books so that I could possibly pick up some in the future. Also, be sure to like and follow to stay up to date with all of my future posts.

Happy Reading,

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