My Dream Reading Space!


Have you ever had a dream reading space? Or maybe you have seen someone else’s reading space and dreamed to have it as your own.

Every reader has their reading space. Some even have multiple. Some like to sit down for hours and read, while others prefer to read in between events. It really depends on the person. Personally, I like to sit down and read for hours. I like to dive into a new world, without distractions, and just BE the characters.

Unfortunately, I am not lucky enough to have a GOOD reading space. I usually just read in my bed, since it is the comfiest place in my house. But, I have always wanted a reading room. Basically, a room filled with books with some comfortable seating. Today, I am going to be sharing some pieces of furniture and decor that I think are perfect for a reading space.

Image result for bookstagram reading roomsBookshelves…
If you don’t have a set of bookshelves in your reading space, I really don’t know how it is a “reading space.” I believe that bookshelves are the defining piece to a reading space. Literally, the room could be anything without them. I love the look of a wall of Ikea’s Billy bookcases. They are the perfect length and width to organize books. The number of bookcases you need really depends on how many books you own, but I think a wall of them looks fabulous!

Window seat…
I believe that these make a reading space SO MUCH BETTER! Firstly, you get a window. I absolutely love reading in natural lighting, and a big window would definitely satisfy me. I mean, doesn’t everyone think that things look better in natural lighting? Or is that just me? But, a big window is definitely a must for me. And, you also get an extra form of seating, which is always nice.

Image result for bookstagram reading areaComfy chair…
I think that a lot of people like to have a couch, or a bed in their reading space. But honestly, I think that all you need is a chair. Preferably something soft, and comfy. A chair that you can curl up into with a really good book. I’ve seen so many reading spaces with a super comfy chair, and I’ve just been dreaming of having one for myself. Personally, I love the look of THIS ONE from Arhaus.

This probably isn’t a necessary one for a reading space, but I definitely would love to have a fireplace in mine! You know when it’s the middle of winter and your heater hasn’t kicked in? Or maybe your house is naturally chilly in the winter. A fireplace is perfect for those situations! It keeps the area warm for hours on end. And even, I have a tendency to fall asleep when I’m cold, so a fireplace will keep me awake and ready to read.

Image result for bookstagramBlankets and Pillows…
NECESSITIES! There is absolutely no such thing as a reading space without pillows and blankets. Currently, I pile all of my pillows into a corner of my bed and curl up into some blankets when I read. But my biggest problem is that I don’t have enough! I think that some of Society 6’s blankets and pillows are perfect for reading spaces. Definitely check out Society6 and Arhaus for some super cute options!

Wall art…
You definitely do not need a lot of wall art in your reading space, but this can definitely transform a plain wall. You will have at least two walls already filled, one with bookshelves and another with the window seat, but there is definitely more than enough room to fill with wall art. Personally, I love the look of tapestries and framed quotes. They just make a room look more finished in my opinion. I absolutely adore Urban Outfitters and Arhaus’s wall decor.

And that is about it for today! Definitely be sure to check out some of Arhaus’s living room page. They have some amazing items that I would want to own myself. Be sure to leave a comment down below stating some of your dream reading space’s necessities. Also, don’t forget to like and follow to stay up to date with all of my future posts!

Happy Reading,

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