Fall 2017 Blogging Schedule


Guess who’s back? ME! I hope you all really didn’t believe that I could leave my blog forever. I mean, this blog has a whole two years of dedication on it, and I’m not just going to waste that.

But, I definitely did need a little break. I started my sophomore year of high school last week, and it was amazing to just adjust to classes without worrying about my blog. Although I don’t truly enjoy any of my classes, I realized that I really wouldn’t make it the next few weeks without blogging and reading. So, I’m back, and I have created a little schedule that I am going to try to follow until winter break. Hope you enjoy!


Teaser Tuesday will be returning. I absolutely love doing these post every week since they are so simple to write up in less than 20 minutes. Perfect for any book bloggers with limited free time. I cannot wait to show you what I am currently reading tomorrow.

Top 5 Wednesday. Sometimes these posts are a pain in the butt, but I really enjoy compiling lists of characters and books to share with you all. Samantha and Lainey make great topics for us bloggers and I definitely recommend checking their Goodreads group if you haven’t already!


What better way to celebrate a Friday than with a tag? These always take a while to write up so Friday nights are perfect for these. I have quite a few tags and rewards to catch up on, so expect to see them every Friday.


Sundays are going to be dedicated for reviews. My goal is always to read at least one book a week, so Sunday seems to be the perfect day to review a book.

Now, you may be wondering, “what about Monday, Thursday, and Saturday?” Well, I definitely do not have enough free time to write up posts everyday. For the most part, you will probably never see a post on Mondays. After a long day at school, I never really feel like logging on to my blog on Mondays. After two days of consecutive posts, I think that Thursday is an understandable day to take a break. And lastly, I usually use Saturdays as drafting days. And even, teachers tend to enjoy giving us a pile of homework for our weekends.

But, if I have enough free time during the week, you might see a post go up on one of those days.

And that is all for today! Since I missed a week in the blogging world, let me know what all happened in the comments! Thank you all for understanding my need for a break and sticking by. Don’t forget to like, comment and follow my blog to stay up to date with all of my future posts!

Happy Reading,

6 thoughts on “Fall 2017 Blogging Schedule

    1. Not a problem at all! I’m so happy that I inspired you to do a post of your own. Also, thank you. Sophomore year definitely hasn’t been easy, but I already know that there will be harder years.

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