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Hey everyone! I was tagged by the amazing Haley over at Fangirl Fury to do the Wonder Woman book tag. But first, I have a little confession to say. I have no clue who Wonder Woman is. Obviously, I have heard of the recently released movie named after her, but I have no intention of watching it. I’m not a movie girl, nor am I a Marvel/DC nerd. But, since book tag questions are usually only based off of something, you truly don’t need to know anything about Wonder Woman to do this tag! Lucky for me 😉

This tag was created by Amber over at Amber’s Books and More. I like to call this tag the “Warbringer anticipation tag,” in honor of Leigh Bardugo’s upcoming novel. Wonder Woman: Warbringer hits shelves on August 29, 2017. Now, let’s get straight into the tag!

Wonder Woman: Your favorite badass female book character…
Definitely Miss Aelin Ashryver Galathynius from Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass series. If you’ve read and loved this series, I think that you could definitely agree with this answer. Although a lot of people have stated their thoughts on Sarah J. Maas’ characters, I believe that Aelin is one of the strongest characters in literature. We watch her from the beginning of Throne of Glass, struggling to even stand on two feet. Fast forward to Empire of Storms, we watched her destroy ships, save people from harm and learn to love herself and others. A lot of people have called Aelin and the rest of Maas’ characters problematic, but I believe that Sarah J. Maas is the creator of one of the most badass females in modern literature!

Fantasy Island: A book setting you want to escape to…
I would love to escape to New York City, the setting of City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. There are definitely many other books set there, but City of Bones is definitely one of my favorites. The majority of the book takes place in the New York Institute, or the Marble Cemetery, but I mean New York as a whole. As quite a few of you may know already, my dream vacation would be to visit NYC. I don’t care if I’m there when it is freezing below, or when it feels like a sauna (or maybe even during an infamous New York weather swing. Kind of like a mood swing). I want to sip lattes in small trendy shops, I want to visit all of the popular bookstores, I want to see a Broadway show and I want to go shopping in Times Square and 5th Avenue. It’s a dream I’ve had for a while and I cannot wait to experience it!

London: A hyped book that let you down…
Definitely The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I don’t hate the book, but there are more aspects of the novel that I disliked than I liked. I wasn’t a huge fan of Maggie’s writing style. The plot wasn’t as entertaining as I expected it to be. And I truly couldn’t understand why this book was so hyped. But, I did find myself loving the characters. Blue, Gansey, Ronan, Noah and Adam were the kinds of people that had enticing personalities. They appealed to me so much that I started to wish that I was a part of the novel! Luckily, the characters kept me reading on to the next novel and I enjoyed it a little more!

Steve Trevor: A book that has a beautiful cover and a great story (i.e. good personality)…
I’m going to have to go with These Broken Stars by Meagan Spooner and Amie Kaufman. I don’t think that I’ve ever met someone who disliked the cover of the novel. Lilac’s billowy skirt is so distinct on the cover. The way that Tarver and Lilac are reaching for each other makes you want to drop your current read and pick this one up. And, everyone loves a galaxy on a cover, right? But it isn’t just the cover that is beautiful. Lilac and Tarver’s tale of survival is stunning and a must-read!

Lasso of Truth: A book you hated…
I absolutely hated Can’t Buy Forever by Susan Laffoon. I was so happy when the author contacted me in regards to reading and reviewing it. I am a huge fan of historical fiction and her story seemed very entertaining. But within the first 10 pages of this novel, I started to see problems on every page. The biggest problem with this novel was the grammar. It was HORRIBLE. I also couldn’t relate to any of the characters and found that they were very annoying. I don’t give books single stars often, but I lasted until page 68 of this book and could only give it 1 star.

Wonder Woman’s Shield: A book so sad that you need a shield…
Ugh, I hate these types of questions. I am such a cry baby when it comes to books, and these questions make me remember all of those heartbreaking scenes that made me cry. There have been so many books that I have read and cried, so I am going to go with the easy route and pick my most recent tear-worthy novel. I finished Room by Emma Donoghue and cried multiple times. The plot of the novel is dark and heart-breaking. And watching poor little Jack see the world for the first time brought me to tears.

Ares: a villain that is scary, but you can’t seem to hate them…
Sebastian Morgenstern from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. Although he murdered so many innocent souls, I can’t bring myself to hate him. His father changed him to become what he was. If Valentine didn’t do what he did, Sebastian would’ve been a normal Shadowhunter like Jace and Clary. So, I don’t think that I could ever bring myself to hate Sebastian because of that. During the ending of City of Heavenly Fire, all I could think was “he didn’t deserve to live a life like that.”

The Amazons: A book that you wish had more/better LGBT+ representation…
I truly am not one of those people who read books for their diversity element. Although I love that authors are bringing more diversity into their novels, I read books as an escape. I’m not in the LGBT community and I like having books that I can still relate to. But, I think that it would be interesting to see more diversity in The Infernal Devices. Of course we have Magnus, but I would’ve loved to see how the clave/council or even the human world would react to someone that identifies as LGBT+.

Justice League: What superhero book friends do you tag…

And that is all for today. Thank you for stopping by and reading my post! If you are a Wonder Woman fan (or not like myself) definitely give this tag a go. I had a lot of fun with this and am so glad that Haley thought of tagging me. Don’t forget to like, share and follow to stay up to date with all of my future posts!

Happy Reading,

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11 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Book Tag

  1. I totally agree about Aelin! I just finished Empire of Storms (that ending has me crazy!! I need to know what happens next!!!!!!) and she is amazing. I really love all the characters in that series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is definitely one of my favorite series and it has one of my favorite cast of characters! Aelin is amazing.


  2. Thanks for doing the tag!!

    Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one (okay one of the few really) that thought The Raven Boys did not live up to the hype!! I read it last year and trudged through it!


  3. Oooooh, your answers were so much fun to read. 😀 I loved reading them, Alaina. I found it interesting that you didn’t know too much about Wonder Woman, but seeing as you’re not a fan of Marvel and DC nor a movie person, I could see where you might have gotten away from it. And Can’t Buy was…an intriguing one to say the least. XD Your answers were great, and thanks so much for tagging me!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thank you so much! I literally know nothing about Wonder Woman so the question headers were a little like nonsense to me. Did you also dislike Can’t Buy Forever. It was a review copy I got sent from the author, and I hated giving it such a bad rating. But it deserved it. Enjoy the tag!


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