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Hey Book Nerds! It’s Friday, and I am in the mood to do a tag. If you couldn’t tell by how much I’ve been posting in the last month, I am currently on break which means that I get a lot of “Lazy Fridays.” Actually, no. ALL my Fridays are lazy days. It’s an absolute joy being able to spend these days just reading and blogging! Since I currently have nothing to review, why don’t I do another tag?

I found this one over on both Shoshi Reads and A Court of Books and Love. Both of their answers are great so you should definitely go check out their posts! Now, let’s get into this tag!

What was the last book you marked as “read”?
The last book I marked as “read” was Rebel Angels by Libba Bray. It is the sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty, a Gothic Victorian based fantasy novel. It follows Gemma Doyle, a young girl who is sent off to a boarding school just after her mother’s death. Soon after, she learns that she has the ability to use magic and travel to different realms. I would really suggest this novel to any fantasy lovers that want to give historical fiction a try!

What are you currently reading?
According to my Goodreads, I’m reading three books at the moment. But in all honesty, I’m only actually reading one of those. The two books that I marked as “currently reading” but am not actually reading are The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black and The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray. I actually started reading The Coldest Girl In Coldtown back in January. But, I never seemed to be able to get into it. And, I also seemed to have never taken it off that list. I started reading The Sweet Far Thing earlier this week but I ended up receiving a book in the mail that I absolutely could not wait to read. And, that book just so happens to be We Own The Sky by Sara Crawford. It is a YA novel that is set to release on August 15!

What was the last book you marked as “to-read”?
The last book I marked as “to-read” was Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini. In all honesty, I know absolutely nothing about this book. I am pretty sure it was either in the recommendations section or one of my Goodreads friends was reading it. But, it has a gorgeous cover and looks like a bad ass fantasy!

Do you use the star rating system?
Yes! I love using the star system to rate books and I always use it when I finish a novel. But, I tend to get very indecisive with my ratings and I always end up giving books half stars instead of full ones.

Are you doing the 2017 reading challenge?
Yes, and I really wish that WordPress would let me put it in the sidebar of my blog. But, my goal for this year was originally set to 40 books. But, since I passed he goal a few weeks ago, I decided to reset it to 60 books. I have already read 48 books this year and am so excited to reach 60!

Do you have a wish-list?
No, but I guess you could count my “to-read” list as my wish-list. I don’t own a lot of the books on the list, they are just books that I might be interested in reading in the future!

Who are your favorite authors?
I have a lot, but my all-time favorite author is Jennifer L. Armentrout. Her books are cute, witty and filled with hot guys! Although a lot of her books have pretty bad covers, they are AMAZING! I also really love Sarah J. Maas, Cassandra Clare, Wendy Higgins and Marissa Meyer!

Have you joined any groups?
Yes! I am currently a member of three groups, two of which being book clubs. In the past, I ran a book club called Book Bomb Reads with some of my blogging friends. Since we stopped doing that one, me and Emily from Who Gave The Write created Bookalicious. It is a monthly book club where we read hyped, or popular books. I am also a member of Top 5 Wednesday, which is a group that runs a weekly blog meme!

How many Goodreads shelves do you have?
I only use the 3 main shelves that you start with: currently reading, read and to-read!

And that is it for today! I don’t really feel like tagging anyone right now (I have a book that I really want to finish), but if you want to do it, feel free to send me the link to your post in the comments. If you are interested in checking out my Goodreads, you can CLICK HERE! I am always updating my reading progress on there. Don’t forget to like, comment, share and follow to keep up to date with all of my future posts!

Happy Reading,

Alaina ❤

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  1. I’m so glad you did this tag! It is very funny how we have so many of the same or similar answers! 🙂


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