Top 5 Wednesday: Fandoms You Are No Longer A Part Of

Hey Book Nerds! Have you ever been so obsessed with something that you joined the fandom, and then totally lost interest in it and left the fandom? I know I have and I’m super excited that I to talk to all of you about some of these fandoms today!

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the amazing Samantha and Lainey. It is actually a Goodreads group and if you are interested in joining, you can CLICK HERE!

I know that there are a bunch of people who used music and movie fandoms as their answers but, since this is a book blog, I am gong to try to focus this on books!

  1. Divergent (Divergent, #1)DIVERGENT BY VERONICA ROTH
    I originally watched the movie before reading the book and absolutely fell in love! It was such a good movie and I was so obsessed that I immediately read the first book. And then I read Insurgent the next day. I loved all of the characters and the whole plot of the novel! After I finished Insurgent, I took a break from the series and didn’t get to Allegiant until my birthday, which was at least 3 months after I read the first two. Once I started it, I don’t think I even got 50 pages into it before I HAD to put it down. But, I ended up picking it up again. A year later. And hating it. I just couldn’t find myself enjoying it. I’m pretty sure that if I binge read the series I might have had a chance of loving the series.
  2. The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)THE HUNGER GAMES BY SUZANNE COLLINS
    I’m pretty sure that everyone obsessed over this series at one point. A few years back, before I was even a reader, it used to be really cool to read YA books in my sixth grade class. So, I decided to pick up Mockingjay, even though I hadn’t read the first two. I think I only got about 10 pages into it before dropping it. Fast forward a few years, I picked up THG, loved it and then immediately read Catching Fire. I loved that one too. But, it is 2017 now and I still have never got to Mockingjay. I have completely lost interest in it and since the final movie came out, I have said goodbye to the series.
  3. Pretty Little Liars (Pretty Little Liars, #1)PRETTY LITTLE LIARS BY SARA SHEPARD
    This was actually the first fandom I ever got into. I started off by watching the TV show, which I ended up quitting after the fifth season. But, I actually loved the first book in this series. It was a fun and mysterious contemporary that I really enjoyed. Since I was borrowing a bind-up of the first two, I immediately read the next book too. Then I went on to borrowing a bind-up of the third and fourth book and it was meh. Nothing too interesting. But, I still wanted to continue the series, so I bought the fifth book and OH. MY. GOD. It was horrible. SO, I have been a PLL fan since then.
  4. Twilight (Twilight, #1)TWILIGHT BY STEPHENIE MEYER
    Who wasn’t a fan of the Twilight Saga at one point? I definitely was and I have probably seen each movie five times at the least. Yup, I used to be a hardcore fan. I ended up watching every movie before I even started reading the books. Haha it happens. But, I “stole” my mom’s copy and I really enjoyed it. And then I ended up buying New Moon and ohmygoodness, my hatred towards Jacob is infinite. I hated the majority of the book, besides a few of the last chapters because it was mostly just in Jacob’s pov. I continued the series and can proudly say thatI have finish every book, besides Life And Death. But, I am no longer that fangirl who obsesses over Edward Cullen.
    When I first started reading, this was my absolute favorite genre. Not science-fiction, DYSTOPIAN. It was all I would read. I read Divergent. I read The Hunger Games. I read Matched. I read Delirium. But by far, my favorite dystopian was Legend by Marie Lu. It’s one of the series that I came to adore and is probably the only dystopia that I would EVER give a reread. Of course, I will come across a dystopian that I still want to read but, I am more into fantasy now. Some of the series that I still want to read include The Selection, The Darkest Minds and The Maze Runner.

THAT’S IT FOR TODAY! I hope you enjoyed my answers for this week’s topic! Don’t forget to like, comment and follow for more!

Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Fandoms You Are No Longer A Part Of

  1. Awesome list. I just recently picked up Pretty Little Liars because it seemed like a fast, fluffy summer read. Hopefully it will be decent.

    I actually didn’t really jump on the dystopian band wagon very much so I’ve only just gotten more into it, while most people seem to be over it lol


    1. I would highly suggest PLL if you love a contemporary with a mystery element. If you want something a bit cuter, definitely go for a Kasie West novel!

      Dystopians used to be my favorite genre. They are still really good but after a while, they kind of lose their effect on me.


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