It was announced a couple of days ago that TOR TEEN picked up Jennifer’s new series that will be published in 2018. And, IT IS A LUC SERIES! Luc was more of a minor character in the series but, no one could forget about. But if you did, he was the mysterious, mafia-like origin who came into the Lux series in the 3rd book!

Holy Alien Babies, I have been waiting for a new book to take place in the lux world since…2015? I think that was the first time I read the series! And holy, if you read and finished the series, you have probably been NOT patiently waiting for another book, alike myself. But look, look, look, JLA listened to her fans, and ITS COMING!

Below is the announcement from TOR TEEN:

“Melissa Frain at Tor Teen has acquired a YA sci-fi trilogy by bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout, as yet untitled, set in the world of her Lux series. Four years after a devastating war between humans and aliens, a teen girl is swept up in the alien resistance and in the process falls in love and discovers the dark secrets of her past. Publication for the first book is set for fall 2018; Kevan Lyon at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency brokered the six-figure, three-book deal for world English rights.”

Does that not make you super hyped?? Also, Jennifer L. Armentrout personally posted this on her website:

I cannot wait for you guys to meet Evie, Heidi, Emery, Kent, Grayson, and of course, getting reacquainted with Luc…. and some old, familiar faces.

Ummm, so we definitely do not know who Evie, Heidi, Emery, Kent and Grayson are but the familiar faces are hinting some Luxen and Hybrids coming back. I’m starting to think that this trilogy is going to take place after the Opposition epilogue. If that’s so, our lovely Luxens are going to be in Colorado living life with their children!

So who else is excited about this news! I definitely am and I cannot wait to be reunited with Daemon again! SO, now that is it for today! I hope you all enjoyed this little, short post for today! Don’t forget to like, comment and follow for more posts!

Happy Reading!



  1. How do you pronounce Luc’s name?? When I first read the Lux series my mum mentioned him and pronounced it “Luke” but I think its when Blake is explaining him to Daemom, Blake tells Daemon that his name is Luc he sorta makes fun of it so that got me thinking that maybe his name was pronounced “Luck” and then I’m like what if it pronounced Loose like Lucy and I’m curious to what you think haha I love your blog by the way xx


    1. Awuh thank you! At first I thought his name was pronounced “Luck.” It made the most sense in my opinion. However, I believe that it is pronounced “Luke.” And since reading the series, I have seen quite a few guys with the name Luc pronounced “Luke.” It’s actually a French way to spell the name I believe. Hope this helped!


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