Top 5 Wednesday: Book Trends You’re Tired Of (On a Thursday??)

Top 5 Wednesday

Wow. It’s already Wednesday again! A whole week has already passed by since I first started posting these! But, I finally found the monthly topics list for February and I am super stoked for them. Today’s topic is: book trends you’re tired of. Well, you probably already knew that. I am super excited to finally rant about a few book trends that are getting old. So, let’s dive straight into this post!

**Switch that, I’m actually posting this on Thursday. I started writing this on Wednesday but never ended up finishing it. So, here’s a Wednesday post on a Thursday!**

  1. Dystopian Books:
    Okay, let’s be real. My favorite genre when I started reading was hands down, dystopian. I loved all of the futuristic aspects of dystopian novels and all of the unique things about them. I used to always reach for Divergent, The Hunger Games and all of those big name dystopias. But, now I’m in a fantasy and paranormal kick and reach for those books way more often than dystopias. Somehow they just don’t suit my reading needs anymore. But, if there is a super interesting one that comes out, I will definitely buy it!
  2. Broken-Apart Families:
    A lot of books I’ve read through out the last year have included a lot of broken-apart families. Whether that be because of orphanage, or divorce, or even overall family problems, I really wish they would stop happening. Why can’t families be like Emily’s in “Since You’ve Been Gone”? But instead we get a lot of the “one parent is a murderer” or the “my parents died when I was super young and now I have to go save the world”. I’m sooo waiting for the day that an author writes a fantasy novel that has a family that doesn’t have imperfections.
  3. Parents Who Don’t Understand A Teenager’s Troublesome Life:
    Okay, I know the main characters never tell their parents what is happening in their life but, shouldn’t they sort of figure it out after a while. Like, Katy’s mom got the hint that Katy was going through a tough time but never bothered to really ask why. And, we can’t forget about Harry Potter’s muggle parents on 4 Privet Dr. will NEVER understand the wizarding school of Hogwarts.
  4. Unnecessarily Sad Endings:
    I think that line said enough. I hate when I end up crying my eyes out while reading the ending of a book. Examples of book that did this for me include: The Problem With Forever, The Lux Series, The Fault In Our Stars, Empire Of Storms and many more! Every time I end up reading sad endings, I’m always in public or in front of people. And they always end up asking “are you okay” and I ALWAYS want to chuck the book at their face for asking it. Because it is rhetorical. Does a crying person look okay? No. Especially not over a book.
  5. Face Close-Ups On Book Covers:
    Sometimes, authors are able to get a good cover artist that can pull this off. But some just make the cover flat-out creepy. One of my favorite examples of one of them done right is the Lux series covers. The new shiny ones. I love how two of them connect together to form a full face. And, there’s a tiny bit of a story within the cover. But, other books like Delirium and Uglies just end up creeping me out. There’s nothing special about them. Just half a face. Lux at least has Daemon Black in the background.

That’s it for this week’s “Top 5 Wednesday”! I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to like, comment and follow!

Happy Reading!


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