REVIEW: The Pharaoh’s Cat by Maria Luisa Lang

Hey Book Nerds! I just wanted to write a little disclaimer before I get into the review. This book was sent to me by Maria, herself. And in return, I am to give a completely honest review. The gifting of this book will not affect my review in any way. Hope you enjoy!

The Pharaoh's CatINFORMATION:

Title/Author: The Pharaoh’s Cat by Maria Luisa Lang

Series: Standalone/ Duology (The Pharaoh’s Cat)

Publisher: Amazon/ I think she is also counted as an indie author

Release Date: May 16, 2015

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction

ISBN: 9780996335201

My Rating: 2 stars


The Pharaoh’s Cat, a tragicomic fantasy narrated in the present tense by the cat himself, tells of a free-spirited, wise-cracking stray in ancient Egypt who suddenly acquires human powers and immediately captivates the young Pharaoh, making him laugh for the first time since his parents’ death.

The cat becomes the Pharaoh’s constant companion and, at the royal palace and on a tour of Egypt, participates in the festivities, developing an insatiable appetite for good food, wine, and gossip. Gradually, he renews the Pharaoh’s ability to enjoy life and inspires him to become a stronger leader. The bond of selfless love they share will change Egypt’s destiny.

The cat has a good friend in the High Priest of the god Amun-Ra and seeks his help in solving the mystery of his human powers and the supernatural manifestations that plague him. He has a mortal enemy in the Vizier—the second most powerful man in Egypt–who hates him for his close relationship with the Pharaoh. The Vizier’s persecution of the cat ultimately results in his fleeing with the High Priest to present-day New York City, where they find an ally in an Egyptologist’s daughter.


If I’m being totally honest, this book wasn’t horrible. But, I also didn’t like it too much. I found myself getting super lost throughout the book and there were many times that I had absolutely NO IDEA of what was happening. But, there were a few scenes that were very funny and therefore, I ended up giving it 2 stars.

What really made me interested in this novel was all of the New York scenes. I am obsessed with New York and am totally down for any book that takes place there! And even, all of those New York scenes ended up being my favorites!

Wrappa-Hamen was a really unique character! I’ve never read about a talking cat in books before s it was super cool to read about him. Some of my other favorite characters included Elena, and the Pharaoh! I absolutely hated the Vizier. He was super cruel and violent towards the Pharaoh and Wrappa-Hamen.

From reading this novel, I sort of figured out that I’m not a big Ancient Egypt reader. I love historical Fiction but just couldn’t find my way into enjoying this one too much. But it was super cool to learn a bit about Egypt and Pharaohs.

That’s about it for today! Thank you so much to Maria for graciously sending me a copy of her novel. Don’t forget to like, comment and follow!

Happy Reading!



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