Top 5 Wednesday: January Favorites

Hey book nerds! I’ve decided to finally fill in my Wednesday blog spot with Top 5 Wednesday. It’s a weekly segment (alike teaser Tuesday) where you post your top 5 things of a certain topic. If you’re interested, you can check out the original group and their monthly topics HERE.

It was actually super difficult to find today’s topic but, rest assured, I did a whole lot of searching and finally found it! So, today’s topic is “current favorites that aren’t books”. I saw a girl in the group do her January favorites for this so I decided to join in. Let’s get started!


I’ve been listening to a lot of handmade playlists on 8tracks. I love the idea of people putting together their favorite songs based on certain themes. Whenever I’m in the mood for a bookish themed playlist, I always go straight to seelieknight’s profile. She has amazing collections of classical, folk and indie music for all book lovers. If you’re looking for playlists based off of Sarah J. Maas, Cassandra Clare, Leigh Bardugo and more authors’ books. I’ve also been listening to two of sweetchristmas’s playlists. Her “Best of 2016” playist is incredible and every type of music I like to listen to in one playlist. Another one that I like is her “That Song You’ve Been Looking For” playlist. I laugh everytime that Tubthumping by Chumbawamba starts playing. Killer throwback but still amazing and fun to listen to!


Okay, so I’m not really a big TV person. But, January was quite a busy month for me and I spent my late nights watching TV shows. I started off by watching season 2 of Shadowhunters. I still need to watch the newest episode but, I will soon. The series is super good so far and I cannot wait for it to progress into the books more. I also watched Stranger Things! I’ve seen so much rave around this series and couldn’t wait any longer to watch it. And boy oh boy, it did not disappoint. I absolutely adored all the characters and cannot wait for season 2 to come out!


Something that most may not know about me is that I never used to wear jeans. I absolutely despised the feeling of denim. But, recently I started wearing them again and have become obsessed. I love wearing jeans with everything, and wear them everyday I go out. And I have a little obsession with rolling up the bottoms of them, even though it is waaaayyy below freezing here.*face palms*. I also have been loving striped shirts and flannels. Flannels are super nice for the winter time, especially the super soft ones. And somehow, I’ve started loving stripes even though I only own one striped shirt.


I’m not really one to wear too much makeup on a daily basis. I never wear any when I’m just staying home unless I’m doing a bookish photoshoot. But, when I go out, I always wear foundation, powder and my mascara. Nothing too special. Just minimal and as natural as I can get it. I currently love Maybelline mascaras. But, I am still experimenting.


Of course, I’ve been loving Starbucks! When am I not? Every time I go, I end up getting a vanilla latte. They are the and I highly suggest you try it. I’ve also been painting quite a lot lately. I’m preparing a notebook for next school semester and I’m writing a quote from ACOMAF on it. Yes, even though I haven’t read it. I’ve also been journaling. I kind of failed with my January pages of my bookish journal but I’m going to dive straight into my February pages later this week!

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this non-bookish post. Thanks for viewing my blog and don’t forget to like, comment and follow!

Happy Reading



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