A Little Update.

Hey book nerds! I am so sorry I have been super inactive recently. I’ve been trying to catch up on school work and study for exams. But to be completely honest, I miss writing on here, and reading 24/7 and even just sitting in classes and scrolling through my phone endlessly. School hits hard in exam (finals) season. But, here I am, sitting in class writing up a little life update because I cannot focus on my work.

  1. Dreaded School: If anyone dreads school the most in the whole world at the moment, it’s me. Next week I have my first exams and I have definitely not prepared myself for them. As I said above, I also have so many final projects and studying to get done. I hate how teachers enjoy watching us finish our work in record timing. It’s almost as if they want us to fail so they can teach us the whole class again. Ugh. I only have 3 full days of school left and 2 exams the week after. Let’s hope I survive. And you betcha I’ll be back on the second with a super long post for all of you.
  2. I’ve been spending all of my free time either studying, reading or watching YouTube. This past week has fully consisted of super late nights (1 am or 2 am) where I just can’t sleep. Then I’ll end up watching YouTube or reading until I fall asleep, and OH-MY-GOD it’s addicting. And then I’ll wake up at about 7 in the morning and look like the walking dead. But to let you all know, I have been reading while hiding in my little hole. I am currently reading Fallen by Lauren Kate and I am loving it! I absolutely love both Luce and Daniel and I don’t think I will ever dislike paranormal YA.
  3. Hamilton is my new love: I never really used to like Hamilton. I listened to a few of the popular songs every once in a while, but never really knew what all the rave around the musical was. But, the other night while I was studying, I decided to play the soundtrack in the background and became addicted. I ended up searching up everything there is to know about the musical and the characters! I am absolutely in love with everything there is to know about the American Revolution too. Soooo, I’m pretty sure I’m in a phase of learning all of the song lyrics. BUT JUST YOU WAIT!

So that’s it for today’s little (unedited) rant while I procrastinate working in class. yay. I plan to try to post on every second day until the second so, stay tuned for new posts! Don’t forget to press the like and share buttons, comment below and follow my blog!

Happy Reading!


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