2016 In Review! The Best, The Worst and Everything In Between!

Hello everybody and Happy New Year! 2016 flew by sooooo fast and now we’re already on to 2017. And holy alien babies, I am thrilled for what’s to come. But, in honor of such an amazing year, I decided to go back and talk to you guys about what all happened. From my favorite and least favorite books, and even as far as how far this blog and my bookstagram have come in the past year! Are you excited? I hope so because I am so excited to finally tell all of you about all of the exciting stuff that happened this year! SO, let’s get into it!


I started out the year with a goal to complete 50 books. Which, I’m pretty sure is a book and a half a week. Ugh and I’ll just get this out right now… I FAILED. I went through sooooo many slumps throughout 2016 and so many times that I was just too lazy to read. I BLAME IT ALL ON SCHOOL. But anyways, I was able to read 39 books in 2016 which isn’t that bad! Well, compared to my goal, it was terrible but, now we are in 2017 so we have a new beginning!

Some of my favorites of the year included Heir of Fire, Sweet Evil and Obsidian while some of my least favorites were Outlander and Throne of Glass. I also got introduced to soooo many authors including Cassandra Clare, Wendy Higgins and Sarah J. Maas a.k.a QUEEN!

I also started using the Wattpad app a lot more this year. It was my go-to when I fell into slumps or whenever I just didn’t have time to read.


Ahhh where can I even begin! I am super thrilled with how far my blog has come along in the past year. I did have A LOT of months where I just wasn’t inspired to post. But then came August where I posted twice a day!

Some really cool stats that I hit on my blog include:

-1000 views! This means so much to me!

-100 posts! Pretty insane if you ask me!


I started using my bookstagram account in March and it has been one of the greatest things ever! The bookstagram community is so friendly and I absolutely adore all of the friends I’ve made through it! And through bookstagram, I’ve also accomplished some amazing milestones! Below are just a few of them!

-Over 17,500 likes!

-400+ Followers!

-200+ posts!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! It was so much fun to write and I can’t wait to do one for the end of 2017! I hope everyone has an amazing day!

Happy Reading!




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