What I Got For Christmas 2016!

I know, I know. I’m posting this on the 27th of December instead of Christmas day. But, everyone knows how hectic the Christmas season can get. The day of Christmas, my city was supposed to get hit by a very dangerous snow storm (we got close to two feet of extra snow!!), so all of our usual Christmas plans changed. Usually we go to our grandparents’ house and have a big dinner but instead, we had to compromise with an early dinner. And I got a bunch of new books then so I could’ve written up this post later that night, but I got too lazy.

Then came Boxing Day. I’m not a boxing day shopper so I basically sat my butt on my bed and read all day. And yes, I will admit that I had plans to get this post up that day but guess what?? That never happened! But hey, I did finish a book yesterday so there should be no complaining! Sooo, now that leads us to today, December 27. The day where I will finally put up this post and plan a bunch of special posts for the last few days of December. Also, the day where I basically read half of one of the books I listed below. So now, let’s get straight into this “very long” post!


I’m betting I’m not the only person who gets a lot of clothes for Christmas. But for once, I actually was really interested in the clothes I got, instead of just shoving them into my closet. So, when I sent all of my lists in, I specified stores I like and ended up getting everything from MY FAVORITE clothing store: Garage! It is a teen clothing store that sells some of the comfiest sweaters and leggings ever! So with that said, I’m guessing you can guess what I got. Listed below are the links to everything I got!

Fairisle Raglan Sweater (Super cute with hints of pink and tan!)

Lofty Funnel Hoodie (I am currently wearing this and it is sooooo comfy!)

Long Sleeved Bodycon Turtle Neck Top (The one linked is just plain white but the one I got is actually white and Light grey striped)

Shrunken Hoodie (This is probably going to become my new go-to sweater!)

Boyfriend Plaid Flannel Shirt (I am a sucker for flannels and love to wear them with anything! Number 5 for my collection!)

Super Soft Leggings (I got a Black, Grey and Grey/Black pair of these. I already had some but was growing out of them)

Brushed Skinny Sport Leggings ( I absolutely love these and cannot wait to wear them when I go for runs when the snow clears up!)

Relaxed Ringer Tee with Pocket (Sadly, this one was waaayyy too big on me and quite a bit see through.)

Grey Slouchy Beanie (Not exact one but, close enough!)

Button Leg Warmers (The ones linked have pom-poms so just imagine that there’re buttons instead of pom-poms)

I also got a few new makeup products. I have been getting into wearing makeup over the past year to cover some blemishes and make myself not look like the walking dead. SO when I opened up these three makeup-related products, I totally squealed with joy. Once again, each product is listed below and linked:

Garnier: Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (This stuff works wonders! It’s basically a tinted moisturizer that can give full coverage without using a lot!)

Garnier: Micellar Cleansing Water (This is absolutely amazing! It’s a makeup remover, cleanser and toner all in one!)

Garnier: Clean + Refreshing Cleansing Wipes (I kind of really hoping these work good and smell like cucumbers!)

QUO Brush set (The link gives pages of the brand’s brushes. I got the powder brush, angled brow brush, basic eyeshadow brush, eyelash/eyebrow brush)

L.A. Colours Makeup Palette (I cpuldn’t get an exact link but it is a beautiful nude palette with a lot of shades!)

And finally, the extra things that don’t fit into the other two “non book-related” categories. This part of the list varies A LOT so beware!

New York Calendar (For those who don’t know, I have a huge obsession with New York! Sorry, couldn’t find a link.)

New York Poster (I got this beautiful, huge, poster of the Manhattan Skyline!)

Vanilla Bean Noel Hand Soap (This was probably my most random gift since my whole family shares our soaps. But luckily this is my favorite scent!

And then, I also got a bunch of chocolate to stuff my face with. YUM!


Well, I will admit that I asked for quite a few books this Christmas! If you would link to see all of the books I asked for, click HERE to be taken to my “Christmas Wish list” post. Out of all 6? 7? books I asked for, I received 4. I am so happy that I got some new ones and I guess I should tell y’all now that I’m already almost half way through one of them. Listed below are the books I got and their links!

Fallen by Lauren Kate (I’ve been eyeing this one in the book stores for quite a while now but, just never bought it. I probably won’t read it for a while but you betcha I will be done it before 2018)

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (If a name like Patch doesn’t make you want to read a book, who are you?? I’m a huge paranormal fan so this book is straight up my alley!)

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas (This was the top book on my TBR list. And I may or may not have already read the prologue and cried. Ugh I would’ve continued it but, I was reading in the back of a super dark car. But, I am for sure picking this up after the book I am currently reading!)

The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout (a.k.a my current read! I finished a contemporary last night and couldn’thelp but dive into another one. So instead of reading EOS like I planned, I ended up picking up this beautiful book!)

I hope you all enjoyed this half-non-bookish post. It’s something a little different. But, don’t worry guys, I am definitely not straying away from books for makeup and fashion. Books are my favorite things ever and I could never stray away from them. Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

Happy Reading!



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