Teaser Tuesday #8


Hello Bookworms, Book Lovers and Bibliophiles far and wide. I’m back again for another Teaser Tuesday post! I almost forgot it was Tuesday today but thank god I remembered! I already forgot last week’s Teaser Tuesday and it sucked. That feeling of forgetting to post sucks. It sucks a whole lot but, this week I remembered. Yay me! And now I get to strain my eyeballs away from my book for a few minutes while I write this post up. So, lets just get into the post before I feel too distant from my book.

“My hands were cold and shaking by the time I turned the ignition in my sedan. Snow was falling steadily, coating the streets. I needed to get home before I got stuck. I had bad tires, no match for more than an inch of snow. And I really didn’t want to break down out here. These were the things I was busy thinking about. I had to keep everything else at bay until I could get  home and successfully freak out. Now I just needed to get there without running off the road and smacking into a tree.”

Can you guess what book it’s from?

Here, let me give you a little hint: It’s the second book in my favorite series, I count it as the worst book in the series and it features a certain hottie by the name of Daemon Black.

Got it yet?

Well, in case you couldn’t figure it out, the book is Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout! I am currently rereading and loving this book. It is one of those 400 page books that you can finish within a few days which is AMAZING. I am currently reading it from the Lux: Beginnings bind-up which has the most flexible spine in the history of books. Kudos to Entangled Publishing for making everyone unable to break the spineof this 800 page bind-up! If you haven’t read the first book in the Lux series definitely get on with it. Obsidian is a fast-paced, ignore-everyone-around-you read featuring hot aliens, swoon-worthy romance and a bunch of exciting other stuff jam-packed into one novel.

After you finish Obsidian, definitely dive straight into Onyx. You may have a bit of separation anxiety from Daemon Black if you don’t go straight for the second book. And, once you finish Onyx, comment your thoughts about the book down below!

I hope you guys all enjoyed this week’s Teaser Tuesday! Stay tuned next week for another Teaser Tuesday post.

Until next time, Happy Reading,



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