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Welcome back Bookworms! Are you guys ready to learn more about me? Well I’m ready to tell you all about me. I was inspired by megxnmarie‘s blog to do this tag. Although I wasn’t tagged, I thought I’d do the tag anyways since my blogiversary is coming up! So are you ready to dive into this tag? I am. So here we go:

So here’s me in all of my summer, lazy, book loving glory! I didn’t really have any pictures of me (aside from all of the ones that I make weird faces in). So, we’ll make do with City of Fallen Angels in front of my face:


Vital Stats:

Name: Alaina (pronounced Ah-lay-na)

Nickname(s): I’ve only had nicknames given to me by my parents. And those ones are quite embarrassing so let’s just drop this topic now.

Birthday: October 17, 2002 (so as I’m writing this I am 13)

Star Sign: Libra!

Occupation: Well I am a student (going into grade 9/freshman year) but I am also a blogger! Can we also count professional book reader as a job too?


Hair Colour: A mix between dark blonde and light brown.

Hair Length: Medium-ish.

Eye Colour: A dark grey-ish blue.

Best Feature: I don’t think I have one but others would think differently.

Piercings: Ears.

Tattoos: None.

Right or Left: Right!


Best Friend: I don’t actually remember.

Award: I don’t think I actually ever won an award.

Sport: I used to try a bunch of sports and quit if I didn’t like it. But  don’t even remember which one I did first!

Real Vacation: I’m pretty sure it was Disney World! Oh fun times.

Concert: Selena Gomez…. I don’t actually like her music anymore.


Film: I don’t actually watch movies……

TV Show: I don’t watch these either…..

Colour: Green!

Song: Who actually has a favorite song? I just play The Fray, the Neighbourhood, Melanie Martinez, Halsey and Imagine Dragons on repeat! Gotta love music!

Restaurant: I don’t really eat out….

Shop: Chapters, of course! But I also like going to Garage for clothes.

Books: The Lux series is my #1 favorite series ever! But, Sweet Evil, The Mortal Instruments, The Throne of Glass series and Illuminae are some of my other favorites!


Feeling: Happy; In the mood to read!

Single or Taken: Single! *starts singing beyonce*

Eating: Nothing at the moment. But I had a sandwich a few hours ago!

Thinking About: Books. Basically the only thing on my mind 24/7.

Watching: The screen of the laptop of the post I am typing up.

Wearing: A hoodie and shorts. Basic summer attire for me!


Want Children: sure, why not?

Want to be Married: Yes.

Careers in Mind: I would love to be an author or work in publishing. But Teaching would be my alternative. Or something else if I think of anything in the future!

Where Do you Want To Live: I’ve always had a dream of living in NYC! I know it probably won’t happen but, you never know!

Do You Believe In…

God: Yes.

Miracles: I like to say “miracles can happen” so yes!

Love at First Sight: It might be a possibility.

Ghosts: I think they could be lurking around.

Aliens: Holy alien babies! If aliens were Luxen and not little green stubs, I might fall in love with one. But yes, I do think that there could be extraterrestrials on other planets.

Soul Mates: I guess.

Heaven: Yes.

Hell: I think it’s definitely a place but I don’t believe in it.

Kissing on the First Date: It doesn’t sound like a terrible idea. So why not?

Yourself: yes.

So, I hope that helped all of you learn more about me! I had an amazing time doing the tag. So now onto the people I tag. Hmmmm…. Alex from readersgonnaaread and Emily from whogavethewrite! I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Until next time, Happy Reading,









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    1. lol your welcome! And yes, I did. Even though I don’t care for them, I still have to eat them sometimes


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