Readers Confessions Tag!

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! I’ve decided to do a tag, which is quite surprising since I haven’t done one since January. But, I wanted to post again today. And I didn’t want to write up another review so I settled on a tag! I was scrolling through my friend Emily’s (whogavethewrite) blog and I found the readers confessions tag! I thought it’d be really fun to do so here we are now, doing it!

Question 1: Have you ever damaged your own book?

Yes, but who hasn’t. Most people have at least water damaged a book. My copy of Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff is huge now. I’ve learned my lesson from that and I now never put water bottles and books in a bag together. I’ve also got a few food stains on pages too.

Question 2: Have you ever damaged a borrowed book?

Yes. before I started collecting books (January – March 2015) I used to borrow them from my friend Emily (maxlightwoodbane on Instagram). I water damaged a few of her books, but only slightly. I remember borrowing a copy of Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi from her. It was already partially damaged on the spine but my stud water bottles made it way worse. Thankfully she wasn’t too mad at me!

Question 3: How long does it take you to finish a book?

It all depends really. Most times I can finish a 300-400 page book in week or less. But reading slumps have been in my way all year so far so I haven’t finished as many I would’ve liked to. If it’s a 500+ page book, it usually takes me over a week, depending on how good it is.

Question 4: Books you haven’t finished?

Well, usually I’ll always finish the books I read. Just because I hate the feeling of counting it as a “Did Not Finish”. But there are a few series I haven’t finished yet:

Harry Potter: Yes, I know. It’s a shame that I haven’t finished the series but I’m slowly making my way through them! I bought the first three books at a thrift store last year in the first UK covers. And of course, you can’t buy them at big name bookstores any more, so I’ll probably just give up on my hunt for them and take them out at a library or something.

The Mortal Instruments: I’ve been slowly getting through these books. I usually read one of them every two months or so. It’s not that I don’t like them, they’re just so big! And even, my birthday is coming up in October so I can move straight on from TMI to TID!

Throne of Glass: I really enjoy this series but, the books are so big and intimidating. I still have to read Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows and I’m so excited for both! The bigger the books the better!

Question 5: Hyped/Popular books you did not like?

Of course there are popular books that I didn’t like. But, there isn’t one person who actually likes every book, right? So listed below are some of the popular books I didn

Vampire Academy: I just couldn’t get into this book. I don’t know if it was the plot, characters or even the overall writing but I just didn’t like this.

Throne of Glass: This book wasn’t totally awful. I think the characters didn’t have enough background so I couldn’t connect with them. But, luckily I really loved the second book so I can continue the series!

Pretty Little Liars Books: These were the first YA books I read. I had fun reading the first four books but as the series continued, I just couldn’t stand them. I think I only liked the first few books because they followed the TV show.

Question 6: Classics you did not enjoy?

I’ve only read half of a classic and that was Wuthering Heights which I borrowed from the library. It was good but I had to return it for two different reasons. #1) My borrowing time was over and #2) My birthday came along and I dived straight into City of Bones. But overall, from what I read from Wuthering Heights, it was really good! So really, there aren’t any classics that I did not enjoy.

Question 7: Books you bought for intellectual reasons?

None whatsoever. I’ve never had to do summer reading or had specific books that I had to read for school. So I’m free to read whatever I want and not for intellectual reasons.

Question 8: Any books you haven’t given back yet?

Nope. I don’t actually borrow books from friends anymore so I don’t have to worry about giving them back their books.

I hope you all enjoy reading through this post. I tag everyone to do this post, so if you have a book blog, be sure to do it!

Until next time, Happy Reading,






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