Teaser Tuesday #7 || August 9


Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! If you’ve been viewing my blog since 2015 you might remember that I used to do these each week. But, in 2016 I had to stop doing them because school work and extracurricular sports made my Tuesdays super busy. So now that it’s summer (almost autumn), I decided that I would bring back these posts because I just love doing them! They let me give you a little glimpse into my current reads.

So…. for the newcomers:

These posts are pretty simple and quite self explanatory. Basically every Tuesday I will be posting a post alike this one that has a non-spoiler excerpt from my current read! Hence the word ‘teaser’.

Now lets get straight into the teaser!

“His sudden appearance had startled me. I hadn’t even heard him. How could someone move so damn quietly, especially as tall as he was? And hey, he had a shirt on. I wasn’t sure if I should be grateful or disappointed. Mouth aside, he was drool-worthy. I snapped out of it, preparing myself for the inevitable verbal smackdown.”

Can you guess what book that was from?

Yes, lots of male characters are definitely drool-worthy but this particular male character has bright, vibrant green eyes, tousled, dark hair and quite an attitude. The POV that this excerpt is coming from is a female, Florida native with a hair shade between blonde and brown and a blog. Do those give you any hints?

So, if you guessed correctly, you would’ve guessed Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout.


I am currently rereading this book, along with the rest of the series! There isn’t really a reason behind my reread but lets call it my one year anniversary of reading this series. I read this series between June and October of 2015 so it’s almost like an anniversary then!

I highly suggest you start reading this series in case you haven’t already! It is an amazing 5 book series about aliens! And no, not those little green aliens you see in pictures. These ones are like hot! Or as Katy likes to say ‘drool-worthy’.

Until next time, Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday #7 || August 9

    1. Thank you! It wasn’t actually my idea (I don’t remember who started this) but, it’s definitely a really fun thing for blogs!


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