REVIEW: Storm by Amanda Sun

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Enough said, let’s get into the review!


Title: Storm

Author: Amanda Sun

Series: The Paper Gods #3

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Release Date: June 30th, 2015

ISBN: 9780373211746

Goodreads Synopsis:

fter almost a year in Japan, Katie Greene has finally unearthed the terrible secret behind her boyfriend Tomohiro’s deadly ability to bring drawings to life—not only is he descended from Kami, the ancient Japanese gods, but he is the heir to a tragedy that occurred long ago, a tragedy that is about to repeat.

Even as the blood of a vengeful god rages inside Tomo, Katie is determined to put his dark powers to sleep. In order to do so, she and Tomo must journey to find the three Imperial Treasures of Japan. Gifts from the goddess Amaterasu herself, these treasures could unlock all of the secrets about Tomo’s volatile ancestry and quell the ink’s lust for destruction. But in order to complete their quest, Tomo and Katie must confront out-of-control Kami and former friend Jun, who has begun his own quest of revenge against those he believes have wronged him. To save the world, and themselves, Katie and Tomo will be up against one of the darkest Kami creations they’ve ever encountered—and they may not make it out alive.


3.5/5 stars

My Thoughts:

In my opinion, this book was not paced correctly. There was so much potential to explain the events thoroughly but, Amanda Sun decided otherwise and sped through the book. I would’ve loved to see more of Shiori and the baby and more bonding time between Tomo and Katie. But I can’t complain because my favorite character finally came in as one of the main characters. Ishikawa. He was my favorite from the beginning. So punk and mysterious. But he only really started playing a super big role in Storm.

The ending to the series was good and bad. I really loved how the author too us on a tour of Japan but, I didn’t like how the book ended. I didn’t think it was right to bring Jun back. He is basically the most hated character in this series. But, when Jun comes so does Ikeda. Ikeda does not deserve Jun. Jun was a vicious being of evil from the start. But Ikeda on the other hand was friendly and kind. Basically everything you want in a best friend. Malicious and friendly aren’t supposed to mix, but somehow it does with Ikeda and Jun. In the end, Ikeda got fatally injured and Jun did everything to get her back. That’s true friendship.

On a different subject, did anyone figure out that Ishikawa was different in this book. He wasn’t his usual punk self who avoided Katie. he actually spent a lot of his scenes with Katie. For the most part the two of them were trying to save the one man they both loved from being taken to the dark side (Yes, Ishikawa has feelings for Tomo). In the end, since Katie was unable to save Tomo, Ishikawa took actions into his own hands to save him.

All in all, this book definitely wasn’t a delightful series ender but i did shed some tears which must mean it had some sort of impact on me.

Thank you for reading this review

Happy Reading!


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