Baby Steps Review || March 20

Hello everybody! Long time, no see? It for sure has been quite awhile since I posted a review but, here I am today. Usually I plan to type up a review the day after I finish a novel. But instead, I’ve waited a week to type up this one. But, whatever.

So, once again, I am doing a review on a wattpad novel, this one by Stephanie at xFakingaSmilex. She is one of the many amazing authors on there and I just so happened to find her novel on the trending page. So, without further ado, let’s get into this very delayed review.

Baby Steps

baby steps


‘Life isn’t about the big accomplishments, it’s the baby steps you take to get there.’

Ava thought she was invisible to the whole human population of her high school, and maybe that wasn’t always a bad thing. When the day Blake River’s acknowledges her presences, her whole life is flipped upside down. Firstly, Blake River’s knew about her and secondly, he needed her help. Blake has a baby daughter and knows nothing about caring for the infant but is determined to learn the ins and outs of fatherhood with the help of Ava.

But somewhere in-between the late night baby help, and quirky conversations, Blake begins to realize there’s more to Ava Greyson than the front she’s been putting up to keep everyone out. Everyone has their own problems, but everyone needs help to see that they aren’t alone in their world of problems, they just need someone to sing in the dark with them to enjoy the ride ahead.

Taking steps in the world didn’t have to be leaps, but baby ones to help them moving forwards.


This novel was phenomenal and I wouldn’t think twice about giving it 5 stars. It was a contemporary that i never would’ve seen myself reading. But, babies are adorable and you can’t resist reading a book about cute babies with banners/covers on every chapter. Little London was such a cutie in this novel and with the help of Ava, her childhood wasn’t as bad as it would’ve been if she only had Blake.

After Tori stormed out of Blake’s life, he was alone, raising London as a lone parent. But he found Ava and he fell madly in love with her. That was, until Tori came back with a high level of hatred towards Ava. But, Blake was protective over her which was really cute.

Overall, this novel was super cute and a really nice contemporary novel. I wouldn’t take down the offer to read another one of Stephanie but for now, I have to get back to my humongous TBR. 32 books that I’m hoping to finish by July.

Happy Reading!


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