I’m writing a novel?!?! || March 3

Hello everybody. I haven’t finished a novel in a while but, I have started writing one of my own. Have you ever heard of Wattpad? It’s a website/app where people around the world can write novels of their own and let the world read them. I’ve been reading novels from the app for a long time and I finally decided that I would write one of my own.I got inspired by all of the college romance novels I was seeing on there. So i just thought that I would make a mini post to tell you about my novel.

If you would want to view my novel, the first chapter is up. Simply search “alainabagan” in the wattpad search bar and my account will come up. The novel is titled “The One And Only” and it would mean the world if you guys could go and read it. I’m open to critiques for how the story line could go, editing on words and it would be extraordinary for someone to be kind enough to make me a cover if you so enjoy my novel. Not saying that you have too, but mine is kinda crappy and I need something light and bubbly.

If you view it, please feel free to vote and comment!

Happy Reading!


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