A Little Update || February 20

Hello everybody. This post isn’t really book related but i just wanted to inform all of you with the reasons as to why I’ve been gone for so long. Basically, I’ve been using up my free time to do more than reading and blogging. I love reading but I’ve had quite a bit of studying and school work to do in the past two weeks. And, when I don’t read any books, I don’t feel like blogging. So, down below will be more in depth reasons as to why I was gone:

1.  Important Science Test

It wasn’t an exam or anything since I’m not in high school yet but it was the science test that would classify my report card mark. So, it was a really big test for me and I was lucky enough to get 100% on it!

2. Reading Time Limited

Because of all of the hard studying I had to do for that test I lost a lot of reading time. It was a tough time because I love reading. But now, I can read whenever I want which is really amazing.

3. Didn’t feel like blogging

As said above, since I wasn’t reading, I didn’t feel like blogging. I missed showing you guys all of my reviews. But, i’m back and I can’t wait to start posting again!

Blog Update:

So recently I made an important decision for this blog. I decided to stop my “Character Spotlight” posts. I’m pretty sure that you all enjoyed learning about my favorite characters but, it is quite difficult to get two scheduled posts up a week and a review. So now, my blog is going to be strictly reviews, with the exception of my “Teaser Tuesday” posts. Those posts are my way of showing you guys what I am reading.

Happy Reading!


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