Character Spotlight #5 || February 11

Hello everybody! I’m finally getting back on track with my blogging schedule and I have so many posts planned for the future. But, for today, I am giving you guys the “Character Spotlight” post that I missed last week. And this one is a really exciting one because I have finally chosen to do one of these posts on a boy! So far, all I have written about are girls but, I finally finished City of Glass by Cassandra Clare and I really wanted to write about one character this week. Can anyone guess what character that is

It is not Magnus Bane.

It is not Jace Wayland.

It is not Simon Lewis.

So, that only leaves one guy left. ALEC LIGHTWOOD!

Matthew Daddario stars as Alec Lightwood on Freeform‘s adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s books, Shadowhunters. 


Alec is one of the bravest characters I have ever read about. He is always up for any challenge and isn’t afraid to show his love for Magnus Bane, the high warlock of Brooklyn. Before I get into details about him, I just want to say that Alec is probably one of the most inspiring characters that anyone could read about. He isn’t scared to share his feelings for loved ones and that’s what i really like about him.

Physical Appearance:

All of the Lightwoods have been known for their dark hair and bright blue eyes. So, of course, Alec and his siblings (Isabelle and Max) received their Lightwood genes from their parents, Maryse and Robert Lightwood. Alec is also known for being very tall and slender. Like seriously, he’s 6 foot. Totally unfair seeing that I’m a whole foot shorter than him.


Alec is….. hard to explain. He has one of those really stubborn boyish attitudes that can be very ignoring. When you first meet Alec in City of Bones, you learn how ignorant he is towards Clary. He was always rude to her and never trusted her. But, as shone in City of Glass, the longer Alec knows someone, the more trust he has in them.

Alec is one of the major characters starring in Cassandra Clare’s “The Mortal Instruments” phenomenon. He has brought inspiration and embracement all over the world. With this character, people have become brave enough to express their true selves. Kevin Zegers plays Alec in the 2013 movie adaptation of the first book and Matthew Daddario  plays him in Freeform’s addaptation of the whole series called Shadowhunters.

If you have read The Mortal Instruments, answer down below who your favorite character is.

Happy Reading!


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