Rip it or Ship it Tag || January 22

Hello everybody! Recently, I was scrolling through my friend Pearl’s blog and I came across the Rip it or Ship it book tag. Turns out, she even tagged me to do it. So, here I am today, putting to characters together and seeing if I Rip it or Ship it.


How to play:

Basically, all you have to do is cut up slips of paper with a bunch of character names on them. (I did 20 males and 20 females but you can do as many as you want). Then you put them in a cup or a hat and blindly pick them out.

Now let’s begin…..

Round 1.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and Day Wing from the Legend trilogy

I actually really like these two together. Both Hermione and Day are really smart so they both have at least one thing in common. They would also both risk their lives for loved ones and friends. So I think that Day will have to go ditch June because:

heart 2

Round 2.

Katy Swartz from the Lux series and Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments

I am absolutely in love with this pairing. Katy and Isabelle would be an amazing duo of badass. The two of them would go around the world killing Demons and Arum. Without Daemon and Alec. These two would be amazing along side each other so:

heart 2

Round 3.

Jace Wayland from the Mortal Instruments and Peyton Diamond from the Secret Diamond Sisters

No. No. No. This would not work out. Jace is always going around killing demons and Peyton is just going after anyone to date. She might meet up with Jace in NYC one day but the two of them wouldn’t work out together. How about we let peyton go back to trying to date Jackson and Jace back to dating Clary because:

heart 3

Round 4.

Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga and Lena Haloway from the Delirium trilogy

This one is quite a hard decision. Lena enjoyed breaking the rules for Alex. But Edward fell in love with a good girl: Bella. I don’t really think that these two would work out so:

heart 3

Round 5.

Jacob Black from the Twilight Saga and Melanie Stryder from the Host

Two Stephenie Meyer characters come together. I don’t think that they’d make a good “love” relationship since Jacob will probably love Bella forever. And Melanie is pretty much indefinitely in love with Jared. So if these two could work out as friends:

heart 2

Round 6.

Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games and Clary Fray from the Mortal Instruments

No. A lot of people would probably like these two together but I don’t. Clary has super powers and Peeta doesn’t. What would he do when he found out about Clary’s superpowers? There are just too many complications with this relationship so:

heart 3

Round 7.

Lilac LaRoux from the Starbound trilogy and Nicole Cassidy from the Elementals series

This one is actually really hard. Nicole is a witch with superpowers and Lilac is a rich girl who lived on a planet in space alone with a boy. Almost polar opposites but not quite. If they lived in the same time they probably still wouldn’t be friends so:

heart 3

Round 8.

Hamish Mackenzie from Outlander and Katie Green from the Paper Gods series

I actually believe that these two would make a good couple, if Hamish lived in the 21st century. Katie and Hamish are almost the same age so they’d be cute together. In the end:

heart 2

Round 9.

Savannah Diamond from The Secret Diamond Sisters and Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games

No. This would be the crappiest relationship ever. Katniss wouldn’t have any time to listen to Savannah gossip. And Savannah would probably get mad at Katniss for that so:

heart 3

 Round 10.

Jamie Fraser from Outlander and Emmett Cullen from the Twilight Saga

I actually think that these two would be a good pairing. Two muscular men who will fight for anything. One a vampire, the other a Scottish highlander from the 18th century. What could go wrong? Well maybe a brawl fight or something but aside from that:

heart 2

Round 11.

Harry Potter from Harry Potter and June Iparis from the Legend trilogy

I don’t really know about this one because it would only work out if it was Deathly Hallows Harry Potter. If so, I think these two would look cute together. Harry can do magic and June is an incredible fighter. They would be perfect together in a battle so:

heart 2

Round 12.

Claire Fraser from Outlander and Andrew Thompson from the Lux series

No. No. No. Triple no. There is no way that this would ever work out. Claire is way older than Andrew and i bet he would feel like he had a babysitter. So:

heart 3

Round 13.

Tris Prior from Divergent and Bella Swan from the Twilight saga

I actually really like this pairing because it is two heroines put together. These two would be amazing fighting aside each other. So:

heart 2

Round 14

Eden Wing from the Legend trilogy and Tessa Young from After

No. This wouldn’t work out. Though Tessa is a really nice girl, Eden is too young for her. He is just a little boy. Let’s just let Tessa go back to Hardin because:

heart 3

Round 15.

Daemon Black from the Lux series and Brett Carmel from The Secret Diamond Sisters

I really hate these two together. Daemon would get so annoyed by Brett that he would just leave him. It’s kind of ironic how I pulled these two together because it’s the worst pairing ever so:

heart 3

Round 16.

Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy and Ben Parish from The 5th Wave

I actually think that these two would be cute together. Two fighters. They would be able to fight together and everything. So:

heart 2

Round 17.

Ron Weasley from Harry Potter and Alec Lightwood from the Mortal Instruments

No. No. No. Once again, a triple no. This just wouldn’t work out. Ron would probably annoy Alec way too much. And Ale would just get really mad at him. Even though Ron can do magic like Magnus:

heart 3

Round 18.

Cassie Sullivan from The 5th Wave and Noah Porter from After

This all really depends on what kind of Cassie we are looking at here. High school Cassie or apocalypse Cassie. I’m going to choose high school Cassie because then I really like these two together. Noah’s in high school, Cassie’s in high school what could go wrong?

heart 2

Round 19.

Blake Saunders from the Lux series and Simon Lewis from the Mortal Instruments

This one is hard for me. I don’t like Simon at all so I’d freely give him away to Blake to give to his uncle for experiments. Maybe they’ll bond there to so:

heart 2

Round 20.

Courtney Diamond from The Secret Diamond Sisters and Hardin Scott from After

I actually think they would look cute together. Though, Courtney better watch out. Hardin only goes out with good girls and he usually gives them a run for their money. But:

heart 2

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my Rip it or Ship it tag!

Happy reading!


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5 thoughts on “Rip it or Ship it Tag || January 22

  1. This is great! I agree with you about Edward and Lena- definitely rip it- I honestly like Lena wayy to much for me to want her to end up with Edward :p Also agree with you about Clary and Peeta- there’s no way that would work!


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