Character Spotlight #3 || January 21

Hello everybody! Before I get into the main part of this post, I have a special announcement. I passed 300 views on this blog yesterday! It’s so surreal because I never thought that I would be capable of creating a blog that would be viewed by hundreds of people around the world. It makes me super happy that people keep coming back for more of my reviews and posts! Thank you to all of you who enjoy reading my posts and sharing them to more people. It means the world to me.

Anyways, for my third character spotlight, I have chosen to tell you all a little about June Iparis from the Legend trilogy. She is probably the most heroic character that I’ve ever read about. If you haven’t read the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu, what are you waiting for?

Shown below is one of Marie Lu’s famous drawings of her character:

june iparis.jpg

Physical Appearance:

June has long brown hair and matching eyes. Though, her eyes contain gold flecks every so often, making them unique compared to the dull shade of brown that is her hair colour. She is said to be of quite a few ethnicities including Native American and Caucasian. June is thin but way stronger than she looks. From all of the excercising that she has done over the years, she has built up her body to be lean and strong. She is also quite short, reaching only 5’4″. In Day’s opinion, June is the prettiest girl that he has ever met and would never let go of an opportunity to stay with her.


June is very selfless and likes to help others, as shown at the end of Champion. She is very smart, reaching 100% on her trial and is very loving. She truly loved Day and  cared for his little brother, Eden as if he were her own.


June had a really amazing life until her parent’s death. It was drastic but also made her a better person. She became more sympathetic after her parent’s death, spending all of her free time with her older brother, Metias. That was, until Metias’ death. Then she’s on the hunt for Day, a killer, who just so happens to be in a nearby sector. But, she finds him and his friend Tess at a skiz fight, and suddenly becomes friends with them, becoming more than friends.

Thank you all for being so supportive of my blog!

Happy Reading!


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