Character Spotlight #2 || January 12

Hello everybody! So in honor of Shadowhunters releasing on Tuesday, I decided that I would pick Clary Fray for my second character spotlight. She is such a strong and heroic character and I can’t wait to watch Katherine McNamara bring one of the most popular book characters to life in front of our eyes. Even though I haven’t completed the series yet, I thought the releasing of the TV show made perfect timing to showcase the beautiful yet fierce character of Clary Fray.

clary fray

Clary Fray, from The Mortal Instruments, is probably the most well-known book character in today’s pop culture. Yes, characters like Catherine and Heathcliff and Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are always going to be very pronounced characters in literature. But if you think about the most talked about characters of modern day, most people would either say Clary Fray or Celeana Sardothien (from Throne of Glass).

Physical Appearance:

Clary is definitely known for her red hair. It is a really pretty shade of red: not super harsh like Ariana Grande’s old hair colour but more like a carrot-y ginger colour. She also has green eyes which matches her hair colour perfectly. Clary is very short, therefore being called a little girl. I relate to her very well with the height part since I’m only 5’0. I’ve been called a little girl many times and you guys do not know how much i dislike it.


Clary doesn’t have mood swings as often as Jace, but she still gets them. One minute she could be having a lovely conversation with Isabelle, the next she would probably be screaming “I am not a little girl!” Clary can be quite shy at times but as she immerses herself into the world of Shadowhunters, she becomes fierce and brave.

Clary definitely went through a lot to become a Shadowhunter, but look at how far she has come. She will forever be known as one of the best YA characters

Happy Reading!


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