Teaser Tuesday #2 || January 12

Teaser Tuesday

Hello everybody! I took a little weekend hiatus, but I hope you guys enjoyed reading all four of my posts that went up last week. They were all very fun to write! So, in occasion with my new schedule, I am here to bring you all another Teaser Tuesday post. Without, further ado, I present you all with a quote from my current read:

Wuthering Heights is missing from where it was on the shelf, but I find it on the bedside table, next to Pride and Prejudice. Hardin’s comments replay in my mind. He has obviously read it before – and understood it – which is rare for our age group, and for a boy especially.”

Page 58

After by Anna Todd


I am currently buddy reading this book with my friend Pearl from BiblioPearl! It is so much fun being able to message Pearl on Twitter messenger. The two of us just started the book and I know for sure that I’m enjoying it. I hope Pearl is too.

For those who have read After, who’s your favorite character? Tessa, Hardin, Zed, Landon, Steph, Noah, Molly, Tristan, Logan, Nate? My favorites so far are definitely Tessa, Hardin and Nate! Even though Hardin is really rude and irritating, alike Tessa he is an avid reader and is fond of classics. Classic books are the ones that I really want to get into. I also like Nate because he is so nice!

This book is really good so far and I hope to hold on to my enjoyment for this book until the end!

Happy Reading!


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