Character Spotlight #1 || January 7

Hello everybody! So as I said on Tuesday, if you haven’t read my “Blog 2016” post, you would have no clue as to what is happening. I recently decided that in 2016 I was going to add some things to my blog, including Character Spotlight. Basically, every week I’m going to pick out a character from a book and showcase them in a post.

For this week, I’m going to pick a character from my favorite series, Lux by Jennifer L. Armentrout. So I am going to be basic as ever and pick the main character, Katy Swartz. She’s definitely one of my favorites!!

Lux cover model Sztella Tziotziosz featured in the picture below portraying Katy:

katy swartz

I didn’t just pick this character because she is featured in my favorite series, I picked her because she is basically the only character that is like me. No, she doesn’t look anything like me but personality wise, I am an exact replica. She is feisty and fierce but also has a side of her that’s kind and cute. Alike myself. But she is also a trooper. She has stood through death in front of her eyes and war. And by the end of the series she’s a strong woman who has braved through every thing unimaginable to mankind.

Physical Appearance: 

Katy Ann Swartz is a Florida native who moved to West Virginia, therefore maintaining a tanned complexion. She is short for her age, only 5’4″. (I say this as I’m only estimated to be 5’1″). She has long, thick light brown hair and unique heather grey eyes. She thinks that she looks like a Kewpie Doll, as said in Obsidian. Katy explained that she got her doll-like figure from her mother: round hips, puffy lips, big eyes. She is exceptionally pretty  and almost has like an imaginary cloud of innocence swarming around her.


As we figure out in the first book, Obsidian, Katy has quite a talent in back talking. She is always throwing verbal grenades at Daemon. Basically, all Katy wants to do is finish high school and move away from the small town her and her mother moved to. Further into the first book, you get a bit of an introduction to some of Katy’s hobbies. She is an avid reader and mostly enjoys reading YA paranormal books. She also has a blog where she reviews all of those YA paranormal books. Katy also takes up in gardening as she says it calms her.

Katy is very familiar with the alien families in Ketterman (Blacks and Thompsons). After Origin, she is technically counted as family to the Blacks. Daemon as her husband, Dee as her sister in law, Dawson as her brother in law and Beth becomes Dawson’s wife. Katy also has a really good relationship with her mother, Kellie. She also maintains friendships with Lesa, Carissa, Luc and Archer.

Happy Reading!


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