Teaser Tuesday #1 || January 5

Teaser Tuesday

Hello everybody! So if you haven’t read my “Blog 2016” post, you would have no clue what I’m doing. In that post I explained about the additions that are coming onto my blog in 2016. One of those was “Teaser Tuesday”. I know that MizB of A Daily Rhythm hosts a big thing with a bunch of blogs for Teaser Tuesdays but I want to do mine a bit differently. I didn’t just come across this on someone’s blog, I came across it in a book. Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout featured a little scene where Daemon scrolls through Katy’s blog, therefore finding some of the segments she writes about. One of them just so happened to be “Teaser Tuesday”. So I got a bit inspired to do Teaser Tuesdays myself. P.S. this big paragraph won’t be in every Teaser Tuesday post. I just wanted to explain it a bit 🙂

The horses were laboring up a modest slope, snow spurting from their hooves, when I saw Murtagh’s head jerk up. Following the direction of his gaze, I saw the redcoat soldiers, four of them, mounted at the top of the slope.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Page 766

Happy Reading!

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