Blog 2016 || January 1

Hello everybody! Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all have a lovely 2016 filled with lots of book reading or whatever else you enjoy doing. For the New Year, I want to try to read 50 books. Practically, if I finish my whole current TBR, I will be halfway to my goal. Reading is something that I couldn’t live without and I would love to expand my love for read into new genres. I mostly keep my reading in YA paranormal books (which I will still read and love), but I want to start getting into more contemporary, romance and Adult. Maybe even some New Adult. Who knows. The options are unlimited. But, I really just want to get into more genres and express my love of reading by writing reviews for you guys right here on my blog.

In 2016, I do plan to change a few things on my blog. For starters, I’m not going to do anymore “What’s Up Wednesday” or “Top Ten/Five Tuesday”. They are all too time consuming and I’m still in Junior High. So instead of giving you guys long posts once a week, I’ve decided that I’m going to post multiple times in a week but each post will be quite short. Every once in a while I might post something long but for the most part, they will be kept short. Over the past week, I have created a schedule that I’m going to follow for 2016:

Monday: Review/Tag/Nothing

Tuesday: Teaser Tuesday

Wednesday: Review/Tag/Nothing

Thursday: Character Spotlight

Friday: Review/Tag/Nothing

Saturday: Currently Reading

Sunday: Review/Tag/Nothing

I will still be doing my big end of the month “Haul, Wrap-Up and TBR” post but this will be what is going on day to day for my blog. So every week, you guys will be getting a Teaser Tuesday, Character Spotlight and a Currently Reading post. And then you may or may not get a post on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. those are the days that (if I’m up to it) I will post a review or tag.

What is Teaser Tuesday?

Teaser Tuesday is a fun post that will be up every Tuesday on my blog. I was recently reading Oblivion by Jennifer l. Armentrout and when I read about Daemon stalking Katy’s blog, I freaked out. But what I noticed is that, there are three specific posts Katy puts up: Teaser Tuesdays, In My Mailbox and Reviews. I looked up on some other blogs if they did Teaser Tuesday posts and surprisingly they did. So, I thought I’d give it a go. Practically, a Teaser Tuesday post is where you pick out a few lines from the book you’re currently reading. Then you give a mini review of the book. Simple, right?

What is a Character Spotlight?

Basically, a character spotlight is where you showcase your favorite characters, girl or boy. I’ve seen this all around the blogging universe and decided that i’d give it a go. If you want to give this post a try, all you have to do is pick a character, give your audience a mini description and talk about what roll that character plays in the book he/she is featured in.

i think a currently reading post is pretty explanatory, so I won’t explain that. I’m really excited for the new Year and I can’t wait to continue blogging for you guys!

Happy Reading!


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