Buddy Reading with BiblioPearl | | December 29

Hello everybody! So today I have a really special announcement to tell you all about. For the last couple of weeks, Pearl from BiblioPearl and I have been talking over Twitter and we decided that this January, we were going to buddy read a book together. We went through our TBR piles and picked out a book that both of us had in our piles.

The book we picked is After by Anna Todd.


I read the Wattpad version of this book last summer and recently purchased a published version of this book. There are supposedly quite a few differences from the Wattpad version including name changes (the Wattpad version was a One Direction fanfiction), scenes and more. I’m very excited to re immerse myself in the world of Tessa, Hardin, Landon and all of the other characters that make up this highly acclaimed novel.

I’m almost certain that Pearl never read the Wattpad version of this book but I know that she will love it. It’s a love story that no one will ever forget.


Tessa Young has always lived in a small town in Washington.  But the time has come for her to leave that small town and succumb herself into university life at WSU. By doing so, she is leaving behind her mother and her boyfriend. In the end, the university life Tessa expected isn’t what she receives. Instead, she gets introduced to the world of punk people. Her roommate, Steph is covered in tattoos, as is everyone else in Steph’s friends group. Tessa gets taken to parties, therefore being submerged in punk people. But there is only one person she has her eyes on. Hardin Scott. He’s super hot with an extremely thick accent. But what Tessa learns is that Hardin is only nice on the outside. Once he opens his mouth, his jerk side releases. Tessa is taken on a romantic roller coaster with Hardin that has many ups and downs. You don’t want to miss this book.

I cannot wait to read this book with Pearl. She is such an amazing person with a huge love of books. To find more about her, go check out her blog HERE.

Happy Reading!


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