Currently Reading || December 5

For the most part, the books that I am reading right now are the same as last weeks but, I added a third book to my list. As I said previously, I am still reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. They are both fantastic novels though I’ve been busier with homework lately. I’ve been mostly reading Outlander this week but was only capable of getting ten to fifty pages in each day. City of Glass on the other hand has been challenging me. I actually put myself on a mini hiatus from the book so I could re-surge my feelings for books other than The Mortal Instruments. I’m prepared to continue City of Glass once I finish Outlander but, at the moment, I am reading something non-fantasy/historical fiction related. Yesterday, my teacher handed me a book called “Accommodating a Broken Soul” by a young author by the name of Sage Dahl. My teacher told me to read it for some confidence in being capable of chasing my dreams and becoming an author.


Synopsis of Accommodating a Broken Soul

Run. Run fast and don’t quit running until you’ve found your happiness. Now stop running, because the love you deserve will find you. Despite the agony you’ve lived through, the terror you’ve heard and the monstrosity you’ve seen; you are loved. And this love is going to give you a second chance on what you gave up on.

I’ve been speeding through this book. My mind has been filled with intimate feelings for the main characters, Vivietta and Jasper. Sage wrote the book in the point of view of grade twelve student, Vivietta Haven, on her journey back fro her psychotic past life. Her life changed like a snap of two fingers, one minute having a nice house with a loving dad, the next with a house that looks like death with Viv’s looming father who she doesn’t dare to call dad ever again. But one day, she meets the overly attractive, Jasper Thompson. With his help, Vivietta is capable of feeling lost emotions. She slowly and deeply falls for him and feels like a whole different person without him.

I’m pretty sure that this book is only available at my local bookstore, since the author got it published there. Even though there are many flaws to the novel itself, I suggest you read it if you ever get you hands on it.

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