Top Five Auto-Buy Authors||November 24

Instead of doing a Top Ten Tuesday, I decided I would do a Top Five Tuesday seeing that I still don’t own to many books. Most of my books I either have a single or a pair of books in a series. But, to make this more like the title, I’m going to mix it up a bit. I’m going to count some of my most owned authors and mix in some of the ones I would automatically buy from when a new book comes out. So, here we go….

1) Carolyn Keene


If you have never heard of Carolyn Keene before, she is the author of the Nancy Drew series. This series revolves around a young detective, Nancy, who solves different mysteries in each book. I’ve never actually read any of the Nancy Drew books that I own but I’m hopefully going to do so in 2016. Overall, I own the first ten books by Carolyn Keene.

2) Cassandra Clare


I recently acquired one of Cassie’s well-known series, The Mortal Instruments. It follows the life of young Clary Fray as she finds herself in the Shadow world. I own all six books in this series but have only read the first two an a half. I’m currently halfway through City of Glass and am not ready to continue it at the moment.

3) Jennifer L. Armentrout


Ahhhh! The queen of writing. Jennifer is seriously the best author if you are looking for a book about extraterrestrial/supernatural creatures. She will not let you down. I currently own the whole entire Lux series. (which is five books.) It is amazing and I highly suggest it to all of you.

4) Marie Lu


I only own one of Marie’s books but I’ve read a whole trilogy. The Legend trilogy is incredible. It takes place in a futuristic society after the death of June Iparis’ older brother, Mathias. June is now on the search for the killer but finds Day. This series was amazing. I can’t wait to read Marie’s other series, The Young Elites.

5) Rick Yancey


Rick Yancey has left me with all kinds of different feelings in his books. The 5th Wave series is one that you can’t miss. Cassie Sullivan is left on a journey to find her brother during the fourth wave. On the way there, she encounters a handsome silencer that she falls in love with. This series shows vulnerable amounts of love and heartbreak that you won’t want to miss. Overall, I own two books by Rick Yancey.

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