The Secret Diamond Sisters Special + DAF Release Part 2 + mini NaNoWriMo announcement||October 28

So, the Halloween week post is canceled for today because Diamonds Are Forever came out yesterday and I thought I’d do a special Secret Diamond Sisters themed post. Also, yesterday, Michelle Madow, the author of the series followed me on Twitter and since then we’ve been keeping in touch via Twitter Messenger and it’s seriously been the best talking to her. She is the kindest and most amazing person I have ever texted and I hope that one day I will be able to meet her in person. If you want to follow my Twitter it is @AlainaBagan.

Moving along. So, as most of you should know by now, Michelle’s newest book and the third installment in the TSDS series was released yesterday (October 27) and instead of just letting my little birthday shoutout of the book flow, I decided that I would put together a special post in honor of this amazing series.

So, about book one, The Secret Diamond Sisters:


I borrowed this book off of my friend back in March and fell in love. It was so intriguing and I needed the next book in the series right after I finished the first. But that didn’t happen for quite a while. When you read this book, you get deeply immersed in the world of the Diamond sisters that you just can’t stop reading. In this book, you get to read through the views of Courtney, Peyton and Savannah Diamond as they struggle through the ties of moving from a small Callifornian town to Las Vegas. After their grandmother took their mother to rehab for her alcohol problems, their father gives them a call after years of not keeping in contact with them. And, their father just so happens to be THE Adrian Diamond, multimilionaire, hotel owner. They get to live a life in Vegas now and it is all just starting. Savannah loves it there. It’s like shopaholic heaven to her. On the other hand, Peyton and Courtney aren’t too fond of life in Vegas. What could go wrong in Vegas with Adrian Diamond as your father? Almost everything.

Book two, Diamonds in the Rough:


Diamond in the Rough…..OMG. It was phenomenal! The Diamond sisters got through their first summer in Vegas and are starting school. On the first day of school, Savannah dressed up way too much, and in the end, looked way different then the other students at the private school. By lunch that day, Savannah had already bumped into Damien and the two of them plan to pursue Savannah’s YouTube career together. Courtney, once again can’t handle her feelings for Brett and, in the end, “re-falls” in love with him. Peyton, on the other hand, does the impossible. She may be falling in love with one of her teachers. And then there’s Madison. The Diamond sisters’ arch-nemesis, is keeping a deadly secret that might bring her and the sisters together.

And now, Book three, the newly released Diamonds Are forever.


I really wish I could’ve got an ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of this book beforehand, but I didn’t. So, I’ll have to go off of what I know is going to happen. In the third and final installment in this series, the Diamond sisters go on their family private jet over the mountains. It’s not like anything could go wrong with that. But, as the story moves along, Savannah and singer/songwriter Perry Myles take their relationship to the next level. Is Perry the right guy for Savannah or should she go back for Damien? As Savannah’s relationship goes up, so does Courtney’s. Her and Brett decided that they couldn’t hide their feelings forever and as their parent’s wedding approaches, they’re going to have to reveal their secret soon. Courtney and Brett aren’t the only ones with a secret. Madison has one too and she is prepared to reveal it to the sisters, as she may need their help with something. And then there’s Peyton, who is still trying to figure out what her future is going to look like.

This series is incredible! A mix of humor and serious topics mix together for a must-read. Everyone should read this series, even if it doesn’t sound interesting to you, give it a go because you might be surprised by how good it is. 😀

*NaNoWriMo Announcement*

I will be participating in NaNoWriMo this year and hopefully I’ll be able to complete it. Tweet me a story line you would like me to write about

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